Less stress for the thesis

Less stress for the thesis

More time to devote to research

Worry about the content; we take care of the style.

Style correction:

  • Orthography
  • Grammar
  • Coherence
  • Cohesion
  • Syntax

Plagiarism review:

  • We identify plagiarism in your thesis
  • We quote correctly
  • We guide you to eliminate it

Application of standards:

  • APA
  • Chicago Style
  • Harvard style
  • ISO
  • IEEE
  • University-specific formats

What is the style correction?
We offer a revision of style and orthotypography that includes a correction of the spelling, grammar and coherence to the documents in Spanish and English. Correct errors of tildes, punctuation, writing of numbers, question marks and exclamation, cohesion, etc.

What does the application of the APA Standards include?
Correct construction of citations and references.
Preparation of indexes and special lists.
Standardization of the document format according to the standard.
Correction of type of letter, margins, interlineado, titles, breaks of page, numeration, etc.
Automation in document titles as well as figures, tables and annexes.

What is the process to send my thesis to style correction?
To send to correct your thesis, follow these simple steps:
Send your document along with a brief explanation of your need to the email
In a few minutes you receive the quote along with the means of payment available. (You do not need to give advance)
After we receive your confirmation, we send a confidentiality clause to protect your copyright and initiate the correction of the text.
At the end of the review we notify you to advance the payment process and you can receive the document in your email.

What guarantee do you give me?
All theses, monographs, dissertations, etc. that we review are guaranteed until they are approved at the university. This guarantee has no time limit.

How many is the style correction of my thesis delayed?
Between three and four days after you submit your thesis to our email

The reason why we take so little time reviewing the documents, is because each one of us works exclusively as a proofreader, that is, we are not professors, consultants or freelancers.

For theses that exceed 150 pages, the term may vary.

Do they only handle the APA Standards?
No, we are also experts in Standards Vancouver, ICONTEC, Harvard, Chicago, ISO, etc. Also, if your university manages its own format, we also adapt your thesis to this format.

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