What is thesis?

In all the publications we do, we try to provide the best advice to help the thesis students to develop and complete their degree work in a better way. Thus, throughout our history we have compiled a large amount of valuable information, which we present in various formats, including videos, articles, images and even an e-book.

Therefore, a few months ago we came up with the idea of using a classic tool such as the periodic table to provide a series of practical tips to do the thesis.

It should be noted that this tool originally created by Dmitri MendelĂ©yev as “the Periodic Table of the Elements”, has been adapted to various topics such as spelling, content marketing, literature, the Bible, etc .; materials that served as a reference to design and present today the Periodic Table of the Thesis, which is the first that has been made worldwide, always seeking to transmit our knowledge in all possible ways.

It is likely that when you review it, you will find that all the topics related to the thesis are not covered, or that some advice does not apply to all cases, but remember, this is just a sample of all the content that you can find on our daily basis. blog and social networks.

It should be noted that the advice related to the format of the document is based on the APA style.

Note: to save the image in high resolution it must be zoomed in before right clicking. It is possible that if you use Google Chrome can not download, in such case, it is recommended to use another browser.

It is necessary to say that knowing all the elements of the Periodic Table of the Thesis will greatly facilitate the completion and approval of your project in record time, maintaining the research quality.

If you find any error, write to us; Surely in our next revision we will fix it.

To finish your dissertation quickly and with high academic rigor, you need to read this practical manual, which contains the best advice to achieve it. It uses a methodology based on questions and answers, practical examples and QR codes with complementary information to the content.

Remember that aspects such as the application of the APA, Vancouver or other Standards, and the correction of style should not occupy your mind while you are developing your research. The more focused you are, the better results you will see.

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